SEO on steroids. We’ll make sure that you get the best spot on Google’s SERP without any hiccup.


You may have heard of or even used SEO to boost your website’s rankings. But you might’ve noticed that regular SEO doesn’t go far. The best it can do is help you rank on the first page for some time.

However, it’s never up to the mark. There’s always something that’s left unfulfilled. One of the most common issues with regular SEO is its unstable nature. You may be ranked in the 5th spot for a few weeks, and suddenly you’re down to the 18th spot. To overcome this, we’ve decided to give our clients a competitive edge.

Our competitive SEO is designed to help you rank for the best keywords in your industry while also ensuring that you stay on top for a long, long time. We start by analyzing your website, finding the best keywords, doing on-page SEO and using our custom off-page SEO techniques to seal the deal.

Once all is said and done, your website will be the optimal website for Google as it’ll rank your website at the top, no matter what. In addition, we’ll give you a fail-proof strategy that you can use to launch content, so you retain your position, and no competitor reaches your spot.