As the world’s foremost Review Shield Reputation Software, BTOM aims to offer support for local business entrepreneurs and enable them to enhance their positive status in the industry.
The software is specially created to design a detached strategy for business owners who need more time to concentrate on their brands and clientele. We have been continuously striving to invent, automate, and upgrade our services and procedures in a bid to achieve this aim.

Review Shield Reputation Software was created as a result of our desire to computerize the manual procedure needed for our consulting business. Before the introduction of the Review Shield Reputation Software Program, a review card was used by most business owners to request for the opinions from their clients. During that period, this technique was the main method used by several business owners to know how their clients are responding to their products and services; this strategy is unproductive and not yielding the desired results. At BTOM, we felt there is a need to make the process faster thereby making the process a seamless one for business owners. This need has prompted us to design patented software and marketing solution that will handle the building and management of a brand’s reputation from a dashboard.

We have an advantage over other brands that provide Reputation software packages as our exclusive reputation building, and management dashboard is the best among its equals. BTOM has been in the industry as a renowned Technology and Service forerunner, and we have re-invented the process of Reputation Management by offering cost-effective, automated marketing service for various owners who operate small and medium business entities.
With the integration of advanced software and monitoring into each account, persons with little or no knowledge about technology can seamlessly develop and project the online reputation of their brands positively. In each account, there is a variety of powerful options that are not difficult to arrange.



BTOM Reputation Software is Secured, Dependable, and Swift! Each of its accounts is shielded by next-generation encrusted firewalls and accessible, safe cloud technology to make sure the information of your business entity is protected. At BTOM, we have a dedicated team committed to the creation and maintenance of a unique online reputation for your business.


Over 15,000 businesses have increased their online feedback and rating with the use of the BTOM Software.




You need personal details of your clients such as their phone numbers and email addresses to add them.

The first step of getting started is pretty simple and does not require technical proficiencies. The most important details required are the email address or the phone number of the customer. Insert the name of the customer and email address or his/her cell phone number in the form; you can leave the rest in the hands of the computerized review funnel.




Each of your customers will receive a message in their respective inboxes via email or phone. Every client added will get a message through phone text message or email. Your customers will view the short message, and they will click on the provided link which will automatically refer them to the next step offered in the review funnel.




Your clients will be encouraged to offer feedback on renowned websites such as Facebook, Google, and host of other sites.

Your customer will be implored to give a rating at reputable sites such as Facebook, Google, etc. through a programmed message. The BTOM software can know the exact phone type used by your clients and the mobile applications installed on each phone and will provide suggestions based on their inclinations.

Your clients will be given a chance to select their best review site and drop feedback from their desktop browser or mobile phone.

Clients select their favorite review site and leave feedback with the use of their computer or mobile phone. In a bid to ensure the procedure is fast and straightforward, review sites are recommended for mobile users based on the applications on their phones and the type of their phones. Most android users are automatically sent to Google to write their feedback.





Comprehensive Review Shield Reputation Management Platform.

It is a programmed all-inclusive Review Shield Reputation Management Platform.

  • This platform ensures an automatic engagement of your customers for review appropriately with perfect review alternatives.

Provides the smooth management of your online reputation in a single accessible and easy-to-use dashboard that projects general feedback and online rating scores for your business.

  • It supervises your business review activity and business reputation; it also ensures you stay ahead of competitors as you and your team get accurate information in real-time with text and email notifications about the new ratings or feedback.

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