Not all keywords are equal. Some keywords are the golden ticket to making your clients successful in the most competitive niches. Stand out among other agencies by being able to offer SEO strategies designed to make your clients the envy of their online competition. Together, we will increase their visibility for highly competitive keywords other agencies are afraid to even try for.



  • Site Assessment – We start with a well-versed content and technical site assessment performed by our experts. Our site assessment is essential as we get to know you, your business, your target clients, and we’ll also define your challenges, to come up with keywords that will bring traffic to your website.
  • Campaign Roadmap –Depending on your line of business, your competitors, and the structure of your site, we strategize how to topple your competition. Our specialists then arrange the activities necessary to drive success to your clients site in the quickest possible time. You receive real time reports, and in some cases, require collaboration to successfully bring about the desired results to your campaigns.
  • On-Page SEO – We work on and improve the technical SEO elements of your site and integrate actual search phrases to your content. We evaluate your site’s semantic signal to make sure that you are sending accurate information to the Search Engines about your products and services, and you overall value proposition. We then create content that appeals to Search Engine algorithms, factoring in marketing language that penetrates search filters to reach your preferred audience. On-page technical SEO contributes 70% of the success in our competitive SEO campaigns.
  • Off-Page SEO – We analyze your client’s overall digital presence to understand how competitors are winning at SEO, and also how they’re leaking so we can take advantage of those missed impressions. We make sure that your site develops an organic off-page link profile across the web. Our  proprietary link building process that allows us to acquire incoming links from unique publishers every month. 60% of search ranking is still contributed by backlinks.
  • Reporting and Analytics – Internally, we heavily invest in software engineering that allows us to provide reporting in real time and collaborate with you though our own in-house developed dashboard. This integrates Google Search Console data, Social media, and Analytics to provide critical market data access to business owners regarding their website and campaign progress on any device. Our partners are able to generate real-time reports and analysis online. At least 80% of opportunities for ROI is unearthed thru Periodic Reporting and Analytics. This is why we strongly advise to establish consistent communication.





What Is Competitive SEO?


Competitive SEO uses similar on-page tactics with more optimization and incredibly aggressive off-page optimization including additional high-quality content directly on the page and on high-authority blogs and news sites across the web.

Usually used by corporations and businesses in high-competition niches, such as lawyers or insurance providers, highly competitive keywords SEO doesn’t just target a keyword, it targets keywords that everybody wants and few actually achieve. Diversified off-page optimization and only the best backlinks are the key to success.